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Update on account opening requests

Due to a significant increase in demand for new accounts in the Register the processing of new applications is taking longer than normal. You will receive a system generated email once the account is opened, or if further information is required as part of the application we will contact you directly about this. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any concerns, or if your account has not been approved within 5 working days of your applications submission please contact us on 0800 254628, option 2.

Industrial Allocation applications are due Monday 2 May.

Key changes you need to know about

  • New penalties have been introduced that may have significant financial consequences if you fail to submit adjustments to any provisional allocation application, by the due date, or if you provide incorrect information on your allocation application or adjustment.
  • Information about certain penalties incurred as a result of non-compliance, will be published after 30 June.
  • If you are due to receive units through an industrial allocation, and you have an outstanding obligation (to surrender or repay units), then this obligation will be automatically deducted from the units you are entitled to receive.
If you have any questions, please contact us at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz

Helpful links to more information
Guidance on IA applications
Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Act 2020
Read about the ETS changes on the EPA website


Industrial Allocations – obligations if you have stopped carrying out your activity.

If you stopped carrying out the activity, you’re required to inform the EPA. You’ll need to complete a Closing Allocation Adjustment to ‘square up’ your entitlement. You’ll also need to repay any units that are owed.

A Closing Allocation Adjustment and the repayment of any units must be completed within 20 working days from the date you stopped carrying out the activity. Failure to do so could result in significant penalties.

If you are unsure how this applies to you, please contact us at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz.

Surrenders due 31 May for Mandatory ETS Participants

With the recent completion of the 2021 Annual Emissions Return reporting period, surrenders from these obligations are due 31 May 2022. You need to ensure you have up-to-date Account Operators who can perform this action by the due date. A reminder that the Fixed Price Option (FPO) is not available to satisfy these obligations. Penalties will also be imposed if obligations are not met by this date. You can find more information about penalties here.

Participant level emissions data

On the 29th of October, the EPA will be publishing participant level data on emissions and removals, as required under s89A of the Climate Change Response Act.

He Pou a Rangi – the Climate Change Commission final advice provided.

On June 9, He Pou a Rangi - the Climate Change Commission – provided its first advice to Government. You can find the information here. It provides advice to the New Zealand Government on its first three emissions budgets and direction for its emissions reduction plan 2022 – 2025.

We have updated our Privacy statement

Please take a few minutes to read our updated Privacy statement especially if you are considering participating in the upcoming ETS auctions.

Should you make an application for auctioning, your identifying information, including your identity as an account holder and information that corresponds with that included in your auctioning application, will be disclosed to NZX Ltd for the purpose of verifying that this information aligns with the corresponding information submitted to NZX Ltd as part of the auction application process. This information will be disclosed to NZX for verification before each auction. If you are an account operator, your identity will be disclosed. If the information does not align, NZX Ltd will inform us of the discrepancies and your application may be declined. Please let us or NZX Ltd know if you do not wish to continue to participate in auctions so we can stop sharing this information.

Do you need to surrender or repay units?

If you are going to use the Fixed Price option (FPO), you should be aware changes have been made to how this is applied. Guidance is available on the EPA website here. Please contact the EPA at emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz if you have further questions about using this option.

Changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme

If you are an ETS participant or have obligations under the Climate Change Response Act 2002, there will be changes that will affect you.
On 23 June 2020 a number of changes to the ETS came into effect. These included operational and technical changes to the ETS, as well as changes to the fixed price option (the ability to pay money rather than surrendering units). From 1 January 2021 further changes come into effect. Some of the key changes you should be aware of are new penalties, including a strict-liability penalty for failing to surrender or repay units by the due date, introduction of an infringement regime, introduction of auctioning into the ETS, and the phasing out of industrial allocations from 2021. Emissions and removal information, and information about certain penalties incurred by participants will be published. Keep up-to-date with the detail of these changes and how they will affect you.
We will continue to communicate about the changes to the ETS.

2019 ETS Reports are now available

The new ETS Reports for 2019 are now available.

We are here to help

The government call centre that normally handles our calls is currently unavailable. However, you can reach our staff directly on the following numbers:

If you have any questions about your Registry account, or general questions about the ETS you can call Dave Stuart on 04 474 5750 or Guy Windley on 04 474 5514.

These people will be available between 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday, and will do their best to answer your calls as quickly as possible. You can always leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Thank you for your feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. Below are some of the themes we heard, and what we’re doing to address them.

Understanding and navigating the Register

  • We’ve recently published a suite of new guides to help customers with the Register. We’ll also continue to update our guidance materials, so please check our website if you need any help. Our guides can be found at www.epa.govt.nz/ets-guides
  • We also heard many customers say they found the Register difficult to navigate. Without knowing which areas customers have trouble with it’s hard for us to fix things. We're interested to know if there are any terms or labels used within the Register that you find particularly unhelpful. If you're able to provide any examples it will help us to know where to focus our efforts. You can email us any specific Register feedback to emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz

Getting in touch with us

  • We received some feedback to say it’s taking longer than usual to get in touch with us. We’re sorry if you’ve had to wait longer than usual to speak to someone from our team.
  • We’ve put steps in place to address our wait times, including training additional staff to answer our calls. We’re also reviewing the ways customers can get in touch with us, to make sure we’re answering your enquires as soon as possible.

Reminders for upcoming deadlines

  • Our newsletters and email notifications are the best way to keep up to date with any upcoming deadlines. Please make sure you are receiving and reading these. If you are the sole Account Operator for an account, you may be the only person receiving these notices, so it’s important we’re sending them to the right email address.
  • We’re looking at options for adding automatic notifications for Industrial Allocation deadlines for the next reporting period.

Transferring units

  • We’ve recently published a guide to help customers transfer units. You can find this guide here www.epa.govt.nz/ets-guides
  • We make changes to the Register from time to time to improve its functionality. An upcoming change should make the process to transfer units and input 'transaction authorisation code's easier for our customers.

Annual ETS Reports have been published

The EPA publishes aggregated figures annually regarding ETS activities and surrenders. This report has been posted on the EPA website.

ETS security reminder

Your ETS register account should always remain secure. If you suspect that someone else knows your username or password, contact the EPA immediately and change your password.

Here’s some quick tips to keep your account secure

  • We recommend you regularly review your account to ensure the correct Account Operators, who are people who can do transactions, remain up-to-date (you can check this through the Register Public Reports)
  • If we ever phone you, we will always identify ourselves as from the EPA.
  • All EPA emails will come from an @epa.govt.nz email, or @emissionsregister.govt.nz address.
  • System generated emails do not contain any links for you to click on.
  • EPA staff will never ask you for your login details.
  • If you are unsure about the validity of any calls you receive regarding your NZETR Account you should hang up and call back on 0800 Climate (0800 254 628), Overseas callers:+64 3 962 27 08 (normal phone charges apply)

Our new feedback tool

Here at the EPA we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we do things, and to make our processes easier to understand. To do that we need to hear from people in the Emissions Trading Scheme who are using the Register, about what’s working well and what isn’t.
Provided you don’t opt out, a link to the survey would be sent to you in an email by our third party survey provider BigEars. BigEars will collect and store any feedback you chose to give and provide it to us for our analysis. We’ll use the feedback to help improve our service delivery and the way we operate, and to meet any of our legal obligations.
If you’d rather not receive a survey invitation – please opt out by emailing emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz using ‘Survey opt out’ in the subject line. Opting out of our survey won’t opt you out of receiving important updates and information about legislative changes.
We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Important information about the Fixed Price Option

Participants with obligations or repayments arising from an amended return or default assessment are ineligible to use the Fixed Price Option (FPO), as per section 178A of the Climate Change Response Act 2002. Ministers have been informed, and until they make their decisions we cannot advise further. If you are unsure if you are eligible to meet an ETS obligation or repayment using the FPO please contact the EPA to discuss (0800 254 5628 or emissionstrading@epa.govt.nz), prior to the due date. If an FPO transaction is set up to meet an obligation or repayment which is not allowed under s178A the EPA will decline the application, and you will be required to surrender units.

Keeping your login details safe

The sharing of usernames and passwords to allow people to access accounts would be considered a breach of the terms and conditions of use of the Register and in that case we may then refuse access to, or suspend access to, the NZ Emissions Trading Register without prior warning.
The Registrar takes the security and integrity of the NZ Emissions Trading Register extremely seriously and therefore cannot condone the sharing of login information under any circumstances. The Registrar also has a responsibility to the International community and would be in breach of the operational guidelines set out by the International Transaction Log of the UNFCCC.

Annual Emissions Return: 'One for two' phase out

A reminder that the 'one for two' phase out is happening in three stages, for the following reporting periods:

  • 2017 - 1 unit for each 1.5 whole tonnes of emissions
  • 2018 - 1 unit for each 1.2 whole tonnes of emissions
  • 2019 - 1 unit for each 1 whole tonne of emissions

Equivalent changes apply so that recipients of Other Removal Activities entitlements receive a phased increase to their entitlement.

There is no change to obligations for agriculture participants as they are not currently required to surrender New Zealand Units (NZUs) to account for their emissions.

Take a 3-minute tour of the new register

We've created a video to help you see how the new register will work for you.

It shows you how to login, and navigate through to do different tasks.

Link https://vimeo.com/179691351

Use the guides to help you navigate

We've written three guides to help make it easy for you to use the New Zealand Emissions Trading Register.

The NZETR has been designed to be intuitive, and guide people through the different tasks they need or want to do to take part in the Emissions Trading Scheme.

If you get stuck, or want to have a little more information, the guides can help you.

Check your browser

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Register will work best with the latest version of the following browsers:

How to get a new migration code to access the NZETR

All the migration codes we sent to let people transfer to the new register have now expired.

If you didn't use yours in time, you'll have to contact us on 0800 CLIMATE (0800 254 628) to get a new one emailed to you. When you call, select Option 2, and be prepared to answer some security questions to confirm your identity.

Login as an 'existing user' if you were a user of the old register, the New Zealand Emissions Unit Register

To login, go to www.emissionsregister.govt.nz and click on the RealMe login field.

You will have two options from this window:

  1. login as an existing RealMe user if you already have a RealMe login
  2. Or 'create a RealMe login' if you haven't signed up for RealMe yet.

When you've logged in using RealMe, you'll be taken to a new page to enter a few details to link your RealMe identity to your NZETR account.

  • You must login as an existing user. To do this: Enter your new migration code.
  • Enter the telephone number you listed for your NZEUR account. Don't put in any dashes or spaces for your phone number, just the digits.

Note: Ignore the section for new users – this is for people who weren't users of the NZEUR (the old Register).

Enjoy the new register

When you've done this, you should have access to all your details. Take a moment to check everything works for you.

Now you've logged in successfully with your new migration code, in future you'll only need your RealMe login.